Activities for families

If you are looking for ways to support your children at home, through creative, play based activities, you have come to the right place. Our activities page is full of ideas and resources that you can use at home, alongside information on how the different types of play support children. Click on the pictures below to explore.

Sensory play



Sensory play is so much fun, and it has many benefits for children. It helps to build nerve connections in the brain, it encourages the development of fine motor skills and provides a fantastic environment for imaginary play. Click below for some sensory play activity ideas.




Outdoors is the ultimate play environment for children, not only is it a sensory experience, but it also offers space and freedom. It is great for physical development as well as offering children the opportunity to interact with and learn about the world around them. Click on the button below for some outdoor activity ideas.


get creative

Here at The Play Well Trust, we actively promote all things creative. Creativity is valuable to us all. It increases happiness, improves mental health, lowers stress levels and boosts your immune system. Drawing, painting and creative arts and crafts also offer children a way to express themselves and work through thoughts and feelings. Click on the button below for some creative activity ideas.

Emoji Balloons

Emotional well-being

Emotional well-being can be difficult for all of us. As adults we are encouraged to look after our mental health and wellbeing, but how can we encourage our children to do the same ?Click on the button below for some ideas for activities that might help you supoort your children at home.


Story Telling

Here at The Play Well Trust we love stories, and we know the benefits to reading with our children go far beyond language development. Stories are a fantastic way to explore emotions and difficult situations, they can help children to problem solve and empathise and so much more. Click on the button to learn more and hear some of our favourite stories.


Useful Links

For more support for you and your family, we have added some extra links to other charities and organisations who may be able to help. Click on the button below.