One way that you can support The Play Well Trust is to buy the children’s books that Sarah has written. 

Sarah began her writing career creating parenting blog posts with her best friend, Louise. The blog ran for almost two years and they ended up writing a column in the local newspaper as well as featuring in Vlogs and posts of other bloggers.


Sarah’s love for writing grew further when she began to write blog posts for The Do Try This at Home School, as well as having work published in The Guardian Online and on She continues to write posts for all of her websites as well as occasionally submitting articles to the press.


In terms of children’s literature, Sarah has always written stories for her own children, and following their positive responses as well as the feedback she gained from her other writing, she saw an opportunity to turn her creations into stories for other children to enjoy.


Sarah has worked hard, teaching herself to write, illustrate and self-publish her work. She has consulted with the amazing Emma Thomson, author of fantastic books such as Felicity Wishes and Princess Pearl. She has a brilliant proof reader/ editor and Julie Elmes, Sarah’s mum, has painstakingly helped to turn Sarah’s illustrations into digital images. What a team.


Sarah is now selling her work on Amazon and Kindle, with 20% of the profits going directly to The Play Well Trust so we can continue to support children and families.


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Sarah’s books are available here. This page is updated every time a new book is published.

Mary The Hairy Fairy - Kindle (Click here)

Mary The Hairy Fairy - Paperback (Click here)


Where's My Dummy? - Paperback (Click here)

Where's My Dummy? - Kindle (Click here)

Timmy's Time Travelling Toilet - Kindle (Click here)

Timmy's Time Travelling Toilet - Paperback (Click here)

There are three other books in the process of being edited and many, many more waiting to be created, so follow our social media pages to keep up to date with new releases.

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