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Our founder, Sarah Vaughan, is also a children's author, and one way that you can support The Play Well Trust is to buy the children’s books that Sarah has written. 

Sarah began her formal writing career following the birth of her third child in 2015. She launched a Mummy Blog, creating honest, funny and frank parenting blog posts with her best friend, Louise Burgess. Their blog ran for almost two years and lead to them writing a parenting column in the local newspaper as well as featuring in vlogs and posts of other bloggers including Selfish Mother and Absolutely Prabulous.


Sarah’s love for writing grew further when she began to create blog posts about education for her website, The Do Try This at Home School, as well as having work published on The Guardian Online and on She continues to write posts for all of her websites, and still occasionally submits articles to the press.


In terms of children’s literature, Sarah has always written stories for her own children, and following their positive responses, as well as the feedback she gained from her other writing, she saw an opportunity to turn her creations into stories for other children to enjoy.


Sarah has worked hard, teaching herself to write, illustrate and self-publish her work. She has consulted with the amazing Emma Thomson, author of fantastic books such as Felicity Wishes and Princess Pearl. She has a brilliant proof reader/ editor and Julie Elmes, Sarah’s mum, has painstakingly helped to turn Sarah’s illustrations into digital images as well as creating all of the photography that Sarah uses. What a team!


Sarah is now selling her work on Amazon and Kindle, with 20% of the profits going directly to The Play Well Trust so we can continue to support children and families during very difficult times.

You can buy books here...

Mary the Hairy Fairy

Mary The Hairy Fairy dreams of becoming a tooth fairy, just like her mother, but she has a deep, dark fear holding her back. Mary has a fear of hair dressers - her hair is so long and so messy that she keeps flying into things, which is not good if you are a trainee tooth fairy! One day Mary flies through an open window and right into the bedroom wall of a little girl called Evie, SPLAT! Can Evie help Mary with her problem?....

Suitable for ages 5-9 years


To buy the paperback click here.

To buy on Kindle click here.

Where's My Dummy?


Stanley is hard at work playing with his toys one morning, when, all of a sudden, he feels a bit strange. His tummy goes all funny, a bit like when you loop the loop on a roller coaster. “Where’s my dummy?!” he cries...


Stanley's mother tries to explain to him that he is too grown up to have a dummy and that she has given all of his dummies to some people and animals who were really in need of comforting, but will her tall tale be enough to convince Stanley that he doesn't need a dummy anymore?


Written by S.J Vaughan and illustrated by artist Berne Vaughan

Suitable for ages 2-5 years


To buy the paperback click here.

To buy on Kindle click here.

Timmy's Time Travelling Toilet

Timmy Turner is a stick of a boy with a curious mind, which is about to take him on an adventure like you have never known. Join Timmy and his sausage dog sidekick, Mr Poops, as they hurtle through the plumbing of time, making history as they go, before returning home to teach Timmy’s terrible teacher a lesson she won’t forget…

This is Sarah's first novel for children and it is receiving rave reviews from all children and adults who have read it! 

Suitable for ages 7-11

To buy the paperback click here.

To buy on Kindle click here.

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An alternative way to give money to The Play Well Trust is to donate to us directly. We have set up a just giving page, so all you need


to do is CLICK HERE.


A new page will open where you can donate any amount you would like to. Thank you so much for your generosity.

The Play Well Trust was founded by Sarah Vaughan in January 2019, following the shocking diagnosis of a brain tumour in one of her daughter's nursery school friends.

Sarah felt compelled to use her skills and knowledge of Child Development and Early Years Education to support the little girl and her family through the use of play and creativity - all packed neatly into a Feel Better Box.


This was so successful and beneficial for the family, that soon after she began to support more families experiencing serious childhood illness, this number grew and grew and so The Play Well Trust was born.

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