One of the main ways that The Play Well Trust supports families where a child has a serious illness, is by sending Feel Better Boxes. We have four different types of Feel Better Box, each full of different creative play activities to suit the needs of families.

We believe that play is invaluable for children and families in difficult times and so each box has been carefully created, under the guidance of a registered play therapist, to provide opportunities for play, as well as information on the benefits of different types of play and how it can be used at home or in hospital.

Families in the UK can apply for a box by completing out contact form*. We also provide online resources and ideas for play that you can use at home. Click here to visit our activities page.


*We can provide one Feel Better Box box per family.


The Original Feel Better Box is based on the boxes we sent when we first started it. They contain a little bit of everything including: Creative activities, pens, pencils, sketchbooks, games, small world toys and bubbles. These will keep children and grown ups immersed in play for hours!

If you would like one of these boxes, click on the button below to contact us.


The Creative Feel Better Box is designed for little artists and contains a special illustration tutorial from the wonderful children’s illustrator, Jennie Maizels. This box includes, paints, brushes, a sketch book, coloring pencils, drawing pencils, pens, rubber, pencil sharpener, crayons and modelling clay or play dough. These boxes can be adapted for different age groups.

If you would like one of these boxes, click on the button below to contact us.

under 3's

The Under 3’s Feel Better box has been developed in response to an increase in requests for boxes for children in this age group. The box contains age appropriate toys and activities to be used together with your little one. This box includes things like, puppets, sensory toys, stacking toys, bubbles, books, baby safe mirrors, and mark making tools. Each box will be created in accordance with the age of your child.

If you would like one of these boxes, click on the button below to contact us.


The Sensory Feel Better Box is full of lovely sensory play activities and can be adapted to suit the needs of different families. Sensory boxes include activities to stimulate all the senses and can include light up/ flashing toys, spray bottles, foil blankets, bubbles, child safe mirrors, musical instruments, and sensory toys. Each box will be created to suit the needs of your child. For more sensory play ideas to use at home, click here.

If you would like one of these boxes, click on the button below to contact us.

The Play Well Trust was founded by Sarah Vaughan in January 2019, following the shocking diagnosis of a brain tumour in one of her daughter's nursery school friends.

Sarah felt compelled to use her skills and knowledge of Child Development and Early Years Education to support the little girl and her family through the use of play and creativity - all packed neatly into a Feel Better Box.


This was so successful and beneficial for the family, that soon after she began to support more families experiencing serious childhood illness, this number grew and grew and so The Play Well Trust was born.

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