Learning Through Play

Another key aspect to the work that we provide at The Play Well Trust is education. With a background in education and 20+ years working within this field in various roles, Sarah is keen to use her knowledge to offer educational ideas and activities to children and families.


There are already a plethora of these activities available on our sister site The Do Try This at Home School, and all of the related social media pages, but it is also important to us that some of the activities we provide at The Play Well Trust, have an element of education to them.


Many of the activities we provide, whether in our Feel Better Boxes, within a group setting or on this website, will offer some level of play based learning to children and families and we hope to give parents the confidence to play and learn alongside their children.


Parents, it’s okay not to know all the answers. It’s okay to ask Google and it’s definitely okay to let your child take the lead in activities so that you can learn more, not only about the subject, but also about your child. That is extremely valuable.




If you are a local organisation who would like to learn more about play based learning, or therapeutic play with children and families, we would be more than happy to deliver some bespoke training sessions for you and your staff. Please contact us theplaywelltrust@gmail.com

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