Smiles and Laughter

It can be, understandably, very difficult for parents, caregivers and children to find reasons to smile when a child is unwell. It is a very stressful, frightening and difficult time for all concerned. However, evidence has shown that laughter and positivity really are a good medicine.


Selina Yeoman, Play Therapist, writes:


“The quickest and most effective way of increasing how good we feel is through laughter, it lowers the stress hormones in a person’s body and leaves them feeling happier and more relaxed. As parents we can choose to connect with our children in playful ways, switch off the desire to problem solve and instead create a playful atmosphere where you can laugh often and enjoy each other.”


Certainly, with children, an element of silliness and playfulness from those around them, can relieve stress and tension and lower the levels of cortisol in their system. This in turn has a positive effect on their mental well-being as well as giving their immune system a much needed boost.

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