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Mary the Hairy Fairy

Mary the Hairy Fairy is written and illustrated by our founder SJ Vaughan. 


Mary The Hairy Fairy dreams of becoming a tooth fairy, just like her mother, but she has a deep dark fear holding her back. Mary has a fear of hair dressers - Her hair is so long and so messy that she keeps flying into things, which is no good if you are a trainee tooth fairy. One day Mary flies through an open window and right into the bedroom wall of a little girl called Evie. SPLAT! Can Evie help Mary with her problem? 

To listen to the story, as told by SJ Vaughan, click on the video. To buy a copy of the book, complete with colouring and drawing activities in the back, click here.

Sarah donates 20% of all profits from the sale of her books directly to The Play Well Trust.

The Play Well Trust was founded by Sarah Vaughan in January 2019, following the shocking diagnosis of a brain tumour in one of her daughter's nursery school friends.

Sarah felt compelled to use her skills and knowledge of Child Development and Early Years Education to support the little girl and her family through the use of play and creativity - all packed neatly into a Feel Better Box.


This was so successful and beneficial for the family, that soon after she began to support more families experiencing serious childhood illness, this number grew and grew and so The Play Well Trust was born.

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