Story Telling

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Mary the Hairy Fairy

Mary the Hairy Fairy is written and illustrated by our founder SJ Vaughan. 


Mary The Hairy Fairy dreams of becoming a tooth fairy, just like her mother, but she has a deep dark fear holding her back. Mary has a fear of hair dressers - Her hair is so long and so messy that she keeps flying into things, which is no good if you are a trainee tooth fairy. One day Mary flies through an open window and right into the bedroom wall of a little girl called Evie. SPLAT! Can Evie help Mary with her problem? 

To listen to the story, as told by SJ Vaughan, click on the video. To buy a copy of the book, complete with colouring and drawing activities in the back, click here.

Sarah donates 20% of all profits from the sale of her books directly to The Play Well Trust.