what we do

What we do:


The Play Well Trust is in its infancy and so we plan to start small. At the present time we can offer:


  • Feel Better Boxes, delivered to children and families within the UK.

  • Online activities accessible to everyone, to help support children and families at home.

  • Group play/creative sessions in Kent based hospitals, hospices and support groups.

  • Kindness to everyone we meet.


As The Play Well Trust grows, we will be looking to offer support through mainstream and holistic therapists for parents, siblings and children. I will be applying for charitable status in the very near future to enable us to bid for funding to make these bigger projects happen!



What you can do:


  • Buy books to support us

  • Donate here

  • Collaborate with us: If you are a Kent based company who would like to support us or co-run a group session with us, please email Sarah Vaughan theplaywelltrust@gmail.com

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